Freedom is dead, long live freedom! - Law of the House


⏵ As a webmaster, I swear to upkeep and preserve all the content on my website for the sake of future generations.
⏵ As a gamer, I swear to pirate and preserve their content on my drive to later distribute it to others for free.
⏵ As a consumer, I swear to protect my interests by not purchasing products of certain companies from first-hand to reduce their income.
⏵ As a netizen, I swear to reduce my usage of social media that took away our freedom of expression and fucked over content creators that decided to not sell out.
⏵ As a member of society and aspiring journalist, I swear to not buy into mainstream media's manipulation, be it from one side or another.
⏵ As a content creator, I swear to make my projects accessible to everyone on the internet while also protecting myself from theft.
⏵ As a pirate, I swear to not rip off barely-funded projects off their money, as the people behind them are on our side.
⏵ As a part of the Old Web, I swear to never sell out myself to corporate monsters and keep my shrine - mine.
⏵ As a humane being, I swear to use all the tools I possess to fight back against regimes limiting freedom to entertainment.
⏵ As an artist, I swear to never give in to shenanigans of Web 3.0 and to never stand with the theft scam that NFTs are.
⏵ As a person, I support open projects and trashing copyrights of companies who actively go against their consumers.