About me

My stance on piracy and NFTs | My political views

Hello! My name is Heiko. I usually go online by oekeiko. I am 18 years old and I love video games.
My adventure with NeoCities started mostly due to the doom of Web 3.0 and the nostalgia of old, crusty 2000s websites I used to visit as a kid.

This space is both for my personal thoughts and artwork, which often would get fucked over by algorithms on social media.
I am a huge fan of "curate your own experience" when it comes to browsing websites. I simply believe that if we scrolled further instead of complaining about someone's non-harmful but stupid opinions, the online communities would be much healthier. Let people have wrong opinions.
However, if you really think hatred of a group of people because of something they can't choose is okay, then please get out.